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Iron balcony without platform or with a planter base
If your intention is to use your iron balcony as fall protection and decoration, but not to stand on it, then...
You need a Faux iron balcony or a balcony without a platform.
We offer them in two standard presentations:
1. Without base, and 3 inches stand off the wall.
2.- With planter base: 6 up to 18 inches stand off the wall.
If what you want is a balcony where you can stand on, you need a true balcony.
Click here to check our 4 ft deep balconies for 2 chairs and a table
Give us a call!
To order online, go to our EASY ORDER DISPLAY PAGE
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When you order remember:
Our product is protected by our outstanding Limited Lifetime Warranty, transportation insurance and product liability insurance.
Faux balconies do not include brackets. However we can customize your balcony any way you want. Just give us a call.
You will find also a color option tab.
If you want a matching color, just order it and later on send us a sample of the color you want to match.
Normally we are able to match it in powder coating and in few cases we need to spray paint the balcony.
The warranty is the same.
Automotive grade double process powder coating. Our powders are purchased from top suppliers, PPG and Cardinal.
We clean up and phosphatize the metal before powder coating it. After the powder is applied, we "cook" it in the oven for ten minutes.
Once out, we spray the piece again and "re- cook" it. We do this to make sure your balcony will last for a lifetime, with minimum maintenance.
However, it is very important to keep an eye for scratches during installation and touch up using enamel paint.
Check out our powder coater site.
In beach areas or other aggressive environments you want to choose the galvanization option. However, galvanization affects the finish and the looks of iron products. The solution is to use as a base a zinc rich primer in powdered form, that is cooked before the finish coat with a polyester powder.
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