Faux Balcony For Sale

Our faux balconies for sale are beautiful Juliet balconies (spelled also Juliette Balconies) that are not meant for people to stand on them.
They meet the IBC as guardrails for doors and double doors; and you can choose them in 2 heights, 36 and 42 inches; with or without planter base. Juliet balconies can be used also on windows, but they are tall (36 ad 42"). For more information about first-class faux balconies for sale go to this page. For true Juliet balconies (stand outside Juliet Balconies) click here.To order a true Juliet balcony click here. SELECTORS To help you choose the right Juliet balcony. QUANTITY This is how many units you require. We have incorporated a discount for bulk orders. NEED HELP ORDERING? Leave your information on the chat box and we will call you during regular business hours. Or fill out an estimate request form, and you will get an estimate within 48 hours.Our turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks. NEED IMMEDIATE SHIPPING OR ONE WEEK SHIPPING?