Guardrail balconies are made without a base, since its purpose is only to safe gard a door that is located on an upper floor.
However, they can be used also as a window balcony for extra security. 
Our balconies 100% residential / Commercial code compliant, but you need to select the height depending on the
use residential (36") or commercial (42") (California).
You are buying a product that is made of "real iron", with solid 1/2" x 1/2"pickets and heavy gauge posts; the horizontal rails are 3/8 x 2 solid bars.
Our balconies are all double powder coated for outstanding weather protection.
Guardail balconies are attached to the outside of the building with brackets. 
The number of brackets provided varies depending on the size, but up to 82" in with we provide only 4.
All hardware is included and consist or 1/2 x 4 hot deep galvanized lag bolts.
Our normal turn around time is 4 to 6 weeks.
Colors other than black (semi-gloss) are considered special order.
Please include the color information with your order. 
For balconies that include a base for planters go to our faux balconies page.
If you need multiple balconies or custom sizes please fill out an Estimate request Form.
Shipping is very affordable via FedEx freight.
Soon you will be able to shop them online, but for now please calls us or send us an Estimate Request Form.
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