You will find here pictures of jobs that have been made by us over the years. Many of our iron balconies and iron railings are inspirations of a homeowner somewhere in our past. To name our products, we have then made our research and determine the "nationality" of a particular design; and we have use our imagination to find a resemblance in nature. Please note that  the pictures are numbered, so if you find something you like and want to get some of these done, just fill out an estimate request form or email us mentioning the picture number. Any custom changes and modifications are welcome.




Image 1 On the left is the very first Light Iron Dove Balcony ever produced. We call it "light" because this iron balcony has a "light belly"; just 4 inches deep. The pickets used in this balcony were hollow pickets; we use nowadays only solid iron pickets in all our products. The crown looks fantastic, but it is only recommended if you are going to use it on a window because the iron crown will be on your hands way. For a french door it will look like the lower picture. To purchase online just go to our true balconies page.



Image 2A


Image 2B This balcony is installed Charleston SC. We call it the Iron Dove Queen Balcony, because the shape of it reminds us of the shape of a dove, with its curved chest the tail and the crowned head.  First picture (2A) shows the standard regular platform and the platform shape of the second picture (2 B) metal balcony is special, it's a half moon shape. We can do  balconies with half moon shaped decks, or just a curved shape, for any of our iron balcony designs shown on our true balconies page; or for any design that you may want to share with us. New ideas are always welcome.



Image 3 This balcony was sold to a Pennsylvania customer. We call it the Goose Italian balcony. The shape of the picket resembles a goose in its entirety, the head, the neck, the belly and the feet. It is mostly found in italian cities, however it has become popular everywhere. Check different options and order yours in our true balconies page.



 Image 4 Again this is the Iron Goose Italian iron balcony. If you check the difference on the picket compared to the shown above is that it does not have the hump under the goose neck. Another special feature of this railing is that we closed with bars the gap left by the two corner pickets. The normal solution is to instal 3 pickets around the corner, but in this case something would prevent us from that, so we had to use flat pickets on the sides and close the gap that way to meet code. The last picture shows the goose railing on a half moon configuration.You can buy the Goose Italian iron balcony directly from our store, including a heavy duty metal deck.




Image 5 Nice steel pergola at South Church Street in Charlotte NC. The columns were plasma cut and then welded together, and joined with tubing that allowed tensioning the stainless steel cables as shown. Just an example of custom works that can be ordered from us. Email us your request or fill out an estimate request form.



 Image 6 This is another pergola at the same project of image 4, 1225 South Church Street. This one does not have stainless steel cables but just connecting 2x1 tubes.Another example of custom works that can be ordered from us. Email us your request or fill out an estimate request form.



Image 7 This is another Charlotte job; in the Dilworth area. We have sold thousands of feet nationwide, of this simple and traditional wrought iron design called ring band iron railings. We have greatly improved our product over time, for nowadays we use solid pickets and solid rings; and the handrail is 2/8 x 2  instead of the 1 5/8 cap. Posts are made of 2x2 tubes with a ball cap.To orderjust go to our iron railings online store or email us. You can also fill out an estimate request form.



cap-10.pngImage 8 We call this the Anita metal staircase in honor to the nice lady that order it along with her husband Jimmy. This is a heavy duty piece welded onsite. The railing is also welded to the 10x2x 1/4 tube stringers, and the pans are 11GA plate. We prime red it and paint it on site. As usual a paint job needs to be revisited a couple of time during the first year to catch any issues. I remember we went twice. After that it settled and its been about 6 years with no maintenance calls. The railings have knuckles every other picket, and the cap is pyramidal instead of our usual ball cap.; those were all Anita's ideas. We designed and dimensioned it so that Juvenal (our mason) could go after and install the slate as shown. This was a happy project as many others we have done over the years. 




Image 9 A beautiful 8 ft diameter spiral staircase. Extra big and extra heavy duty. We installed it in Charleston SC at the 930 NoMo student house. This job was welded onsite and the handrail was forget "in situ" as well. At the top right appears the stainless steel cable balcony railings. You may contact us via email or through our online estimate request form.



Image 10 Just smooth pickets with a ball cap post makes a beautiful railing design that we call plain picket railing; in this case curved for extra appeal.It is listed at the iron railings store. You may contact us via email or through our online estimate request form.



Image 11 What is special with this iron railling are the legs; 12 x 12 plates. The owner wanted it to be movable because i was gong to be use in a restaurant patio. It is the ring band iron railing, and can be found and ordered at our online iron railings store.  You may contact us via email or through our online estimate request form.





Image 12 Spanish Style balcony installed in Wedington (Charlotte area). Features 9/16 fluted solid pickets with one basket or 2 knuckles.The base is expanded metal and the brackets show beautiful cast iron New Orleans style. We have done a couple of these over the years. You may contact us via email or through our online estimate request form.



Image 13  Tremont apartments cable railings in Charlotte. We did this job for Samet corporation. Stainless steel cable railings on painted steel. 


 Image 14 Aluminum pergola at Circle at South Park



Image 15 Crescent Dillworth Apartments Charlotte NC: Steel trellise. We completed this job for Balfour Beatty Construction/



Image 16 This balcony was designed by us and accepted by the architect on this project; South Church St in Charlotte. Now we offer it as the Casey balcony in our store as an iron railingfaux iron balcony or a true iron balcony. You can see its a heavy duty metal balcony. It has been there for several years now with no issues. This job we made for Adolfson and Perterson Construction.



Image 17 This balcony is called the rail road iron balcony, because it was designed for this building at Steel Gardens in NODA in Charlotte NC. we called it rail road because the entire building looked to us like a rail road station building of the past, and because it is heavy and bulky. The canopy design is one of my favorites. This entire building was designed by Urbana Design and Architecture, and we find it an awesome design. Our input was dimensioning the steel and producing detail fabrication drawings; of course we fabricated and install. This job we did for Bonterra Builders.



Image 18 We call this the Victorian Scroll and knuckle railing design; and it has been one of our most popular desings. 



Image 19 This the very first mexican scroll balcony that we built back in 2003. This was done for a portuguese builder and we named it the Ornamental Portuguese balcony. Later we felt that this balcony reflects more the mexican traditional iron railings.



Image 20 This was one of the first balconies we built in the Charlotte Area, specifically just across the border in South Carolina. We did it for Choate Construction and it is up to the present time a spanish style mall called Plaza Fiesta, near Carolwinds. We called it Chinese balcony because we installed on top of a Chinese restaurant, and it kind of has the Chinese look with those exaggerated corner balls.



Image 21 We built this balcony in Orlando Florida in the Winterpark neighborhood, for a spanish bulider named Carlos Posada, while I was still working as a subcontractor for a fabrication company named Magic Fabricators. That is why we called it the Puertorican balcony, although he is colombian, we though it looked more like a puerto rican style. Its a nice delicate piece.  



Image 22 If we had to name this railing I would call it Californian railing, because it was custom made for a Los Angeles customer, and engineer. He was very particular on what size components he wanted. Take a peak to the posts; they have a spear on top. All solid iron, heavy heavy duty tube post, large iron baskets with a twist on both ends and iron knuckles. Lots of work dealing with him, but at the end of the day, the railing was amazing; and now it is installed in his fine home. He was recommended by another engineer who was his neighbor. 



Image 23 The plain picket iron railing. Installed for a lady named Eva here in Charlotte. They were extremely happy because it really made a difference for their home. She chose 3 inch posts instead of the regular 2 inchers; and the nice ending called lamb's tongue. Our current product includes a 3/8x2 handrail instead of the 1 5/8 molded cap shown.



Image 24 This is David our installer touching up the Pot Belly Faux balcony. We installed this balcony a couple of years ago in Shelby NC, along with a spiral staircase.