Why Use Metal Baluster Shoes to Install Railing Balusters

Jan 10th 2019

Imagine your dream property. It’s set on a huge two-acre lot next to a lake and is a secluded patch of heaven that they can do anything you want with. The home itself, although large, is less dream-li … read more

How to Choose the Right Railing Material for Cold Climates

Jan 10th 2019

Sometimes winter can seem like it’s out to get you. When I was a child, my mother fractured her wrist two separate times in the same winter after slipping on the icy sidewalk. When I think back on thi … read more

Do it yourself Deck Railing Ideas for UV-Resistance

Posted by FR on Jan 10th 2019

Is Wood Decking UV Resistant?Wood is a common choice for deck stair railings in sunny, warm climates. The dry Yuma air, for example, helps prevent against wood rot, a major concern for the lifespan of … read more