Steel Vs Aluminum

Steel Vs Aluminum

May 24th 2022

 Aluminum and Steel are some of the most popular metals used in making balconies, but what is the difference? In this blog, we'll explain to you the difference in cost, corrosion, strength, and weight between a steel balcony and an aluminum balcony. 

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    Cost and price are big factors when it comes to deciding the optimal material for your project, the price of aluminum and steel is constantly fluctuating based on the current supply and demand in the market. Generally speaking, however, steel is usually cheaper per pound than aluminum. Aluminum can be bought at a cheaper price point, but the thick aluminum needed for balcony fabrication will typically cost more. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Bending Metal

One of the main benefits of using aluminum is its malleability and elasticity compared to that of steel. Steel is the stronger metal, which makes it less likely to bend or deform under strong force and heat. The trade-off of increased durability and longevity is that steel is also much heavier due to its density. In the same vein, the weight of steel is significantly higher than that of aluminum. Steel is about 2.5 times more dense than aluminum. 

When it comes to deciding which metal is more suitable for an Iron balcony though, the main thing you want to think about is 3 things: longevity, corrosion resistance and price. Due to these three factors, we have decided that steel is our preferred material to use for our Iron balconies. Additionally, all our products come with a special double powder coat so that not only does your steel balcony not corrode, but the pain on it will survive significantely more weathering than our competitors.