Why Simplicity Can Sometimes Work Better Than Complexity

Why Simplicity Can Sometimes Work Better Than Complexity

Jun 24th 2021

Solid  1/2" pickets and 2x2 corner posts. 46" through 82" wide, 36 and 42" H

Plain Picket

Sleek and Simple, the plain picket balcony is a testament to the resilience and beauty of simplicity. Its one of our top seller and yet its the simplest to make, why? Because it reminds us that not everything has to be full of designs and add-ons. Sometimes the simplest designs are all that's necessary as a finishing touch to capture a look or feeling for your home. The plain picket is a standard balcony with a flat, rectangle shaped body with two roman style ball-posts on each side, the balcony comes in black, white and bronze and is most popular with industrial projects. This is my personal favorite balcony because it stays true to what a balcony was originally designed to be, and it fits on any project. 



Square doesn't always mean boring, the cubist balcony is an industrious looking balcony with some simple yet gratifying square designs in the center. One of our old customers drew, many of our products are originally designed by our customers. It got its name from the famous artists that used the cubism in their artistry, after the customer requested a balcony with rectangular shapes this amazing balcony was designed. This balcony is named after the cubist style painting used by renaissance artists of the past by artists such as, Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris. This balcony, similar to most of the ones on this list, is popular with more industrial projects because of its sleek and consistent look.


Ring band

The ring band railing is another great example of why simplicity works, It is essentially a plain picket balcony, except it comes with, as the name suggests, a band of rings on the top portion of it. It reminds us as to why its not necessary for a balcony to have loud and vibrant design choices for a single aesthetic to be met. The rings give it a unique look without giving up its simple and elegant aesthetic. It is a very complimentary addition to its base as a plain picket because it gives it a more unique identity without giving up its ability to blend with almost any design or aesthetic. I personally think the ring band looks best in white or bronze to accentuate the rings at the top but any color works. This balcony gives homes a clean and unique look without drawing too much attention to it.

Does simplicity Matter In a busy piece?

Negative Drawing – part 1 – Drawing from Line to LifeArt Education Blog: Negative Space Drawings | Middle school art projects,  Space drawings, Middle school art

"Simplicity is a choice, a discrimination, a crystallization. Its object is purity" Weather you're making a minimalist building or a busy design with tons of flair, we believe that not every piece of your design puzzle has to be loud. Sometimes the best foil or complimentary piece to a busy art piece is a blank space. Our eyes are designed to find the details in each thing we look at, so a empty or less cluttered space among the chaos can actually draw the eye more than another loud piece would.

Next time you're designing a minimalist space, or even a loud and chaotic one. Consider these balconies and what they could do for your design. These balconies are some of our top sellers and for good reason! The most important question you need to know is: do they work? The answer is yes.