The Balcony Companies Best Selling Balconies

The Balcony Companies Best Selling Balconies

Oct 8th 2020

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What Goes Into Deciding Our Product Catalog

One of the most important parts of running a business that involves manufacturing and selling products is knowing which product concepts sell and which don't sell. Over time, we check and evaluate the performance of all of our products, revising and renewing some, while removing the truly underperforming few. We do this because we want to uphold the quality of our catalog of products, it would be very easy to create a massive amount of products but we only want to present our customers with the best products and not waste their time with weak or uninspired products. Our website host, Big Commerce, allows us to check and see what products are being ordered often and which products are underperforming.

Our Best Preforming Products

The Plain Picket Balcony

The Plain Picket, likely to be one of our most simple designs but as the old adage says, “There is beauty in simplicity”. This Balcony is our best seller by a very large margin, it fits perfectly in all settings be it residential or corporate it is sure to be a good fit for any project. We keep these balconies in stock so look out for them in our "Stock Balconies" page.

The Cubist Style Balcony

The Cubist Balcony, one of our old customers drew, many of our products are originally designed by our customers. It got its name from the famous artists that used the cubism in their artistry, after the customer requested a balcony with rectangular shapes this amazing balcony was designed.

The Light Iron Dove

The Light Iron Dove was designed after a customer asked us if we could make an Iron Dove Queen with less pronounced curvature. The Iron Dove Queen itself was designed by a loyal employee. This product is extremely popular with home builders and home owners.

Looking Into The Future

We have spent the last few years increasing efficiency and streamlining our welding and packing processes. We will continue to come up with new and relevant designs for our customers. We are always waiting and listening for the next big Iron Balcony or Iron Railing Design, after all much of our success is due to listening to the advice our customers have given us. Thank you all for that.