​2020: Looking into the future of The Balcony Company

Posted by Pedro D. Sanchez on Jan 3rd 2020

A Look Ahead

Happy New Years! We’re excited to kick of 2020 with a lot of new information concerning the future of our company. As previously Mentioned in our 2019 look back, we’ve had a very eventful 2019 and we expect to be even busier in 2020. Have you decided on a new years resolution? We have. In 2020 we expect to double our production in many different ways that we’ll be getting into in this article.

New Custom Orders Menu

This year we want to lead off by allowing you to extensively customize your orders by including brand new selectors in our products page, along with adding completely new store options via our web development staff. We expect to see these changes start to take effect by the end of February. You will be able to get exactly the kind of Balcony or Iron Railing you are envisioning for your home. This is exciting news for us because we receive a lot of custom orders by phone, this change will allow us to increase accessibility to custom work without having to call in! 

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Streamlined Product Manufacturing 

This year, we are taking steps to close a deal with a very reliable company that will develop our products in their Robot-Manned Facility. This change will bring about an extremely fast production rate compared to our current system. Custom work will still be done by our staff, however the products you see in our True BalconyFaux Balcony pages will be redirected to machines. We expect to see a much quicker delivery date with this change. Expect this around the end of 2020.

Product Design Overhaul

Our Staff has been working tirelessly to bring you new and improved quality products, this year you should see some of the new designs we have been working on. This change has been long coming as we have been slowly retiring some of our older models, some of those models can be found in our specials page... Get them while you can! We are very excited to share our new designs with all of you. We plan to get this done by mid 2020.