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Wrought iron Fences and gates and our CNC equipment

Feb 10th 2020

Since we aquired CNC equipment, a whole new era started here at The Balcony Company; not only we have been able to cut our production time in half, but also the quality of our products has increased dramatically. Our CAD department has been working hard to redesign our products to take advantage of our newly acquired equipment.As a result of this improvement we are soon going to be able to add more products to our line, since we have become more competitive; one of these lines are iron fences and gates. Our traditional line of iron railings and of course wrought iron balconies is not that different than fences and gates. Actually a ballustered railing is technically a fence, and adding just the right hardware and a frame, the iron railing can become a fence or a gate. We believe this will allow us to grow and employ more people, contributing to the economy of this country. How does our CNC cutting equipment helps us to be more productive? Since we are in the business of ornamental iron, this requires us to purchase imported components from local vendors; components that we incorporate to our products. Ornamental wrought iron railings make use of scrolls and rings, weld tabs, brackets, etc., and, as much as we try to standardize our products based on supplier, many times they are out of stock or have discontinued such and such wrought iron components. With our new equipment we are now self contained; our iron railings, iron balconies, iron fences and gates, will not depend on outside sources that many times proof themselves not 100 percent reliables. So, hold yourself tight you guys, because soon enough we are going to be launching our iron fencing and gates product line and a renewed iron railings and bolt on iron balcony line. Stay tuned for more and more exiting news from The Balcony Company because our Dec-Iron products are increasing, inproving and becoming more affordable.