Why people are buying more and more bolt-on Dec-Iron Balconies

Why people are buying more and more bolt-on Dec-Iron Balconies

Posted by Pedro Luis Sanchez on Dec 8th 2017

If you are planning to build a new house you can ask your architect to incorporate a beautiful balcony platform outside your bedroom. The architect will make sure the wood structure cantilevers out or the French door opening, and will make provisions for concrete to be poured on top a waterproofing substrate.

The architect has to be very careful to make sure all the flashings and water proofing provisions are specified on the plans, to make sure there are no chances of future water intrusions.

Water is very difficult to stop, and any small mistake in the process can bring disastrous consequences.

Suppose the water proofing company does a very good and professional job, and you hire the most reputable railing company.

Still it could happen that one of the installers forgets the drill bit stopper or misplaces it or just loses it at the moment of installation. Then he starts working without it and ends up perforating the waterproofing membrane. The consequences are disastrous.

Additionally, the flashing people may fail to follow all the procedures and specifications of the manufacturer and this can also cause great losses, specially on multi-balcony projects.

The bottom line is: Too many factors that are difficult to supervise in the process of building a standard balcony platform and railing.

Now, suppose you did not advice the architect to include a balcony platform and after the house is built and you are moved in you decide that you want a balcony in your upstairs bedroom.

The traditional solution is to tear off the floor, and run some rafters out to build a

platform and then install the railings. It is like major surgery.

For the reasons I have explained, people are buying more and more bolt on balconies like the ones displayed on .

They definitely are a better option.


Our bolt on balcony system makes much more sense when it comes to new construction as well as remodeling projects.

Chances of installation mistakes leading to water intrusion are way less than with the traditional method.

In multi-balcony projects, all that is required is a flat surface. We go and build the balconies on the floor and then lift them with equipment to bolt them onto the structure.

Only requirements are that every hole is filled with an appropriate sealant and that the interface is caulked around.

The installation process is very fast, for a balcony assembles in and bolts on in about one hour per balcony. And using 3 crews, one assembling and another bolting and the third caulking, it is perfectly possible to install 24 balconies in one day, given that the field conditions are optimal; and also depending on the size of the balconies.

When it comes to an occupied single family home, a good contractor can manage to remove the window and install a French door in one day, and to install the bolt on balcony the next day in about 4 hours time. So instead of a major home surgery we are looking to an outpatient procedure.

In 1 days time you could be back in your room enjoying the balcony.

Our balconies are designed to provide a balcony area of up to 8.5 feet wide by 4 feet deep without the need of brackets underneath the platform.

Structural underneath brackets are provided additionally, and as a decoration feature for the balcony.

The balcony platform has a gap allowance of up to ¾ inch for add on floors, such as wood, laminate or ceramic tile.

The platform can also be furred up with cement mix by using wire mesh and self tapping screws, giving the balcony the traditional masonry look.

They can also be covered with wood, for the platform is made of 11 GA sheet metal and with self tapping screws the would can easily be installed.

Not only that, the bolts underneath the platform can be used to hang lamps or flowers.


The cost of balcony projects and the time it takes has deterred people to engage on them.

When money is not an issue, the time wait is just too long.

With our bolt on balconies the cost of the project is reduced literally to half or less.

Our most luxurious balcony up to date and the biggest one is still below the 5,000 thousand dollars mark, but we have beautiful balconies in the neighborhood of 2,000 dollars, which makes it very affordable to add a brand new balcony to your home.

3 people can install a balcony in 4 hours, so the cost of installation shall not exceed the cost of the balcony; and a luxurious French door is about 1,500 dollars in most parts of the country; and lets say another 1,500 labor to convert the window into a French door. Of course prices may vary fro town to town and depend on the conditions of the job, height and acceseability.

In other words with about 5,000 dollars you could have a beautiful French door with a balcony where you can go out, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with your beloved one.

That is definitely affordable and doable in most parts of the country, moreover when it is known that adding a balcony is one of the features that increase the equity and sell ability of your home.

Written by:

Pedro L. Sanchez


DecIron LLC