What It Is Like To Work In The Industry During A Pandemic

What It Is Like To Work In The Industry During A Pandemic

Posted by PDS on Sep 23rd 2020

The Balcony Company & Covid 19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we at The Balcony Company have adhered to the government-ordered shutdown and quarantined ourselves for the required and appropriate amount of time. That being said, no business can survive in such a condition for long. Like most companies, we have resumed our business and are happy to report that business is well for us! However, despite that, we would like to use this blog post to discuss and inform some of the issues that still plague us so that we can better inform our community on the impact of covid 19 on small to medium-sized businesses.


The most obvious risk when it comes to working during a pandemic is the virus itself, nobody, or at least hopefully nobody wants to contract this deadly virus. As such many companies are allowing their workers to work from home for extended periods of time, we have also made strides to allow our office workers to work from home, however, our business is physical and requires a lot of tools and materials for manufacturing. We can not proceed with business without having welders in-house. This presents a lot of issues for us, our employees are very hard workers and they meet the deadlines placed before them, that much is true. But we cannot know what happens or control what happens in their personal lives. COVID is a very infectious virus and as such every time our employees get together to work, despite it being minimal, there is still a risk to each other. Luckily there are many ways to mitigate these risks.


It's unusual to be thankful for much during a global pandemic, but sure enough, there are usually bright sides to everything. In the beginning, people were thankful to the virus for letting us take a much-needed break at home to reconnect with close family and just to relax in general. Now that we’re reopening and attempting to work we have seen a noticeable effort from everybody to socially distance and use masks, washing hands, and sanitizing is on the upward trend! Hopefully, these habits continue to go strong and stay after this is all over.

Hurdles To Overcome

The grass isn't always greener, despite the hard work that we have put into stopping this virus there are many things we have yet to overcome, the politicization of the virus, refusal to wear masks and other propaganda have severely hindered our ability to reopen and re-establish the workforce at the rate that we’ve seen other countries do so. Luckily these people are the minority and with some compassion and understanding, we are confident that we will get past this hurdle.

Looking Towards The Future And Inspecting The Past

The Balcony Company is already looking to the future, we know that scientists are working hard to develop a vaccine to end this terrible crisis we find ourselves in. All we can do for now is support their efforts and the efforts of the medical professionals that are fighting their battle in the present by using masks and staying socially distanced from each other until our scientists have developed the medical treatments necessary to combat this virus. Thank you for allowing us to open a discussion about the impacts of COVID on our business with you, hopefully, this gives everyone some insight into what's going on with businesses like ours.