The Truth About In-Stock & Discontinued Items

The Truth About In-Stock & Discontinued Items

Posted by PDS on Nov 30th 2020

Why do products become discontinued?

There can be a variety of reasons as to why a product can become discontinued. Some Products are better sold seasonally, other products were simply too expensive or difficult to create to justify its existence. The product does not necessarily have to be "bad" to become discontinued. We at The Balcony Company have discontinued a variety of products. Not because they weren't up to standard or defective but because some products just don't make logistical sense. However, what can you do with the remainders of a product you are no longer producing? That is what we keep in our stocked section on our website.

Identifying the Difference 

While its true that some discontinued items may not be defective or salvageable, how can you tell the difference? How do you know that the seller is not simply trying to make a quick buck out of a failed prototype? Typically, there is two methods you can use to better prepare yourself for an order. Firstly, check to see if the seller is willing to give you a return on the aforementioned product. Even if it is a discontinued product, if the seller is willing to offer a return on it, you can probably bet that they are confident that there is nothing with the product. That's good and all but some companies make returns a horrible hassle so that they can try to make you just give up. If you want to be  doubly cautious, read some reviews on sites such as yelp and google reviews. This is a good way to evaluate how a company interacts with its customers. Beware of misleading or non-informative reviews though!

Is there a risk?

Well, that depends. If the company does NOT offer returns, then its possible that you might not get what you bargained for, anything is possible in this world and a discontinued and stocked product are always in danger of being damaged or defective. Always call and ask before you order! Get it written down if you have to.

What are the benefits?

There are plenty of benefits to ordering a recently discontinued and stocked product! Primarily, you'll be one of the last people to ever own that product. The bragging rights that comes along with has its value along with the exclusivity of it all. Secondly, Stocked products ship much faster than most other products do, especially if you're ordering something that is generally not in stock. Why? because they're already built and ready to ship! Finally, discontinued and stocked products are generally much cheaper! Sellers need to move these products out of their warehouses so they can use the precious space for new and interesting products.

In Conclusion 

Buyers Remorse is something you always want to avoid, there is nothing worse than getting the product you've been waiting days or weeks to receive only to find out t its not what you wanted. Do your research and you can minimize this issue, with good cautious buying you can find some great deals on some rare and valuable items.