The New Product Banner Campaign

The New Product Banner Campaign

Oct 26th 2020

The Campaign

Last week, we began a new ad campaign on all of our social media pages. Now that we've zeroed in on the products that you love and that we love to make, we've decided to find new and interesting ways to make it easier for our customers to know exactly what they want. Above you'll see our two newest Product Banners. The Iron Knuckle and the Plain Picket. We're happy to report that both posts have had an astounding amount of engagement from you and we're happy to deliver more minimalist and digestible Iron Balcony content for you guys to view when you don't have much time to browse.

Why This Works

Our products come with an extensive list of options ranging from sizes, colors, extra pieces, customizable parts and various other add-ons. Thus, our store page can seem difficult to read for new customers. With this campaign we're targeting the customers that prefer simple and easy to digest information so that they can better understand exactly what they are looking at when they visit our store. Luckily, all of our customers are geniuses so its very likely that this campaign is our way of building up a portfolio of our favorite products. 

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The Future 

After we finish creating banners and showcases for all of our products, we're looking at revamping our custom estimate request sheet. With this we'll be able to better understand what our customers are looking for when they visit our shop and we'll be able to make those changes accordingly.