Safety Precautions in a Warehouse

Safety Precautions in a Warehouse

Posted by PDS on Aug 11th 2020

There are a lot of possible dangers when you’re working in a warehouse. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the various dangers involved in working in a warehouse and some of the solutions available to workers in that field.

Eye Damage

The Light from welding machines is known to cause eye damage. This is known as “Welder’s Flash” or “Arc Eye”. According to welder’s flash is a painful inflammation of the cornea, which is the tissue that covers the front of the eye. Typically the damage occurs when the eye is exposed to ultraviolet light from the welding torch. Symptoms can include mild to severe pain, bloodshot or watery eyes & blurred vision. A temporary treatment that some welders use is anaesthetic eye drops to numb the pain temporarily until they are able to get treatment. Prevention is better than cure so we should always use the safety equipment necessary such as welding shields or welding goggles. Some possible treatments include antibiotics, dilating drops and padded dressings to allow the eye to heal with an eyepatch.

Floor and Metal Hazards

Metal can fall on top of you or you could unintentionally jam your foot against metal on the floor. This is why steel toed boots are necessary when we’re working in an environment with floor hazards such as nails and other sharp objects that can potentially harm someone as they are passing by.

Work Gloves

Carrying heavy objects without wearing gloves can wear out your joints over time. One of the biggest issues with manual labor in general is the strain put on the joints when lifting heavy objects around a warehouse, it is very important to wear appropriate work gloves to minimize this issue over long periods of time.

Gloves also protect you from cuts and splinters when lifting and moving around wood and objects with sharp edges. Sometimes special gloves are needed when you have to grab and hold things with certain chemicals that may be hazardous to the skin.

Chemical and Respiratory Hazards

Last but not least, wearing masks has become a common trend thanks to COVID 19 in the last few months. However if you work in a warehouse, especially one that deals with any kind of spray or powdered paint the chemicals present in these paints can cause lung damage over time as well so it is very common practice to equip yourself with a mask or ventilator when dealing with these kinds of chemicals.

Taking the necessary safety precautions when working in a warehouse is paramount to your long term success in the work environment. Without them you risk extreme bodily harm and possibly thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Be it masks, goggles or work gloves, next time you’re working in a warehouse remember to always protect yourself first.