How to find inspiration from other cultures in your business

How to find inspiration from other cultures in your business

Posted by Pedro Daniel Sanchez on Mar 16th 2021


Getting inspiration from other cultures and societies is one of the easiest ways to see fast growth and development in your product or service. Historically speaking, a human societies development has always been paralleled by its neighbors and even enemies. Some of mans greatest achievements were reached because of this, just think of how fast mankind made it to the moon thanks to the space race. 

Similarly, we've also taken a page out of the books of various different societies and implemented them into our balconies. The Mexican ScrollThe French RivieraThe Ecuadorian and The Mediterranean are just a few examples of this.


Getting inspiration is easier said than done, how do you choose where to look when you have all of humanities history to look back on? The easiest way is to identify what category your work falls under and sync that with cultures that lived similarly to that. If you are working with something industrious or traditional, you could look towards the Japanese or Roman cultures. If you are working with a vibrant and exciting product then the Mayan or Greek cultures may be a good fit.


Now that you've discovered where you want to look, you have to decide what you want to look for specifically. If you chose a society that valued architecture then you might want to check out their greatest landmarks and structures. For example the Greek Acropolis or the Indian Taj Mahal. 

Acropolis, Temple, Parthenon, Athens, Temple Complex


Location Isn't the only important factor when it comes to gathering inspiration. Time is a key factor in what kind of inspiration you can find from a culture. Check out these two buildings from the same culture in different time periods: 

Japanese architecture | History, Characteristics, & Facts | BritannicaModern Japanese Architecture And Its Beautiful Shapes

Ancient and modern eras can both be equally useful depending on the product or service you are providing. Typically, modern styles give a secure and efficient feel, while ancient styles give a welcoming and warm feeling. If you have a spa or massage service, maybe you'll opt for a more wood and paper style, and if you have a cyber security business you may be more interested in flat colors and sharp edges.

In Conclusion

We're lucky to live in an era where we can look back at thousands of years of human existence and gather important and unique ideas left to us by the people of the past. Hopefully this help you create your next top seller or decorate your business in a way complimentary to your business!