Historical Press Releases by DecIron

Historical Press Releases by DecIron

Apr 12th 2021

Dec-Iron Launches a New and Improved Wrought Iron Railing Website

DecIron announced their new website: http://www.deciron.com in May 2013. It offers better a better buying experience and has added more standard wrought iron railings products to the public.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

The sudden growth of Decorative Iron made it evident that they needed to update their website. A new and bigger platform was needed because of the high volume of traffic and inquiries the company reported they were getting. Therefore, starting in the beginning of this year they took steps to completely refurbish their website. Now, it is finally complete and functional, ready to be shown to the world.

Pedro, Deciron's owner has stated that "we are in the process of implementing a renewed line of products based on the feedback of our customers"

Innovation couldn't have came at a better time! The house market is bouncing back and they expect more calls and orders.

In addition to their website Deciron is now offering now a 7 ft by 4 ft deep balcony, that allows the owner to put 2 chairs and a small table outside of their french door without having to do major structural modifications, and therefore, instead of being a huge and expensive project, in just one day of work; customers are able to transform the looks of their residences and add a great deal of functionality and convenience.

Deciron has also changed with this new website because now it is offering bigger balconies, which fall now in the category of metal decking. The first of the kind is the Phaney balcony, which a beautiful rounded decorative desk/balcony that attaches to the house and 2 metal posts that we provide. You can find the shop drawings of this balcony on their new website under the balconies tab. Their stairs - to go - have also improved, with the help of customers that, why not saying it, have helped them improve their older designs and sharpen their minds to come up with new and revolutionary ideas.

Contractors who are working with a home owner, or renovating a home receive a special pricing with Decorative Iron. The way it works, is that they have to fill out an application with Deciron through phone or email, then Deciron will open their account giving them an user name and password. When they do, they will be able to log in to the website and see the special pricing just for them.

Deciron kept the same warranty, they stand behind their iron railings 100% for a full year, and lifetime warranty also applies. The thickness of the material they use for their standard railings is way above the average in the market. Instead of flimsy skinny 1" by 1" posts they provide bulky 2" by 2" posts that enhances the looks and functionality of the railings system. Because of the beefiness of the product most customers don't realize that they are getting hollow pieces, the norm in this market, but since it is so heavy thick they assume their iron railings are not hollow.

It might seem overwhelming to order iron railings online, however Deciron has made it an easy process. They have drafting/design department to help through the design process, and the customer also gets to approve the drawings before they are manufactured. They also have people standing by to help you with the installation, if needed.

Here is a list of their main pages:
Wrought Iron Balconies (standard): http://www.deciron.com/balconies-s/1817.htm
Wrought Iron Railings: http://www.deciron.com/Railings-s/1829.htm
Wrought Iron Stairs: http://www.deciron.com/sairs-s/1835.htm

These pages are the most searched for in regards to wrought iron railings. With the bounce back of the house market Deciron is expecting a greater volume of sales and increase in production. This new website will be a great addition to their business.

How to Install your Wrought Iron railings from Deciron

Ordering your wrought iron products online saves you a lot of money. Here are the instructions you need to be able to efficiently install your wrought iron railings from Decorative Iron of NC, Inc.


PRLog (Press Release) - Jan. 17, 2013 - HOW TO INSTALL YOUR RAILINGS

Thank you for buying your railings from us, http://www.deciron.com. We made sure they were welded properly and powdered properly, so that they would last you for life, now we want to make sure you know how to mount them. We are in a life saving business, but we are not saving anyone if your railings are not safely installed. Once you have received your railings from us it is important to follow the right installation procedures, to ensure that your railing is safe.


The International building code requires that a guardrail withstands a minimum of 200 lb, applied tangentially to the top rail. This means that a person or a few persons leaning against the rail could eventually apply a tangential force equal to 200 lb and the railing should be able to resist. There are several factors involved on this. However, the only factor that virtually does not count is the type of railing, because, for the most parts railings are build following common practices, and they are usually just ok. The main factor for code compliance is the quality of the installation. If one does not attach the railing properly, even if the railing is made of thick solid steel, it will not pass the 200 lb test. It does not make sense to build an iron railing that will probably need a force equal to 1000 lb just to slightly bend it and then leave it lose against the wall! But this is what happens most of the cases when a railing has failed.


There are several type of “walls” where railings are usually attached to.

Normally this type of wall has regular wood framing behind, and the brick is just attached against it. If you want to be over cautious, you may drill through the brick with a masonry bit, up until you reach the wood behind, and then pre-drilled the wood to drive a long enough 3/8 inch lag bolt into it. However by experience it is possible to use expansion bolts, 3/8 by 1 7/8 and install them into the brick and still have a strong enough grip. If the brick is lose or cracked, you may have problems. Also if you open the hole too much, the expansion might be lose or loosen up with time. Another possibility is to use concrete tap cons, which is a blue screw that is very strong. I would prefer the expansion sleeve anchors over tap cons. However, properly installed, tap cons are just fine on brick. Just be careful not to overdo while driving in the tap con, just go easy. If the brick is not dense enough, tap cons might not work. So just make sure you have a healthy solid brick to work with. If not you will en up going back to plan A. Do not use any type of anchors that would require impact, for it might break the brick, causing a greater problem.

Outside wood framing always has a 1/2 inch OSB plywood behind the siding. However you do not want to attach your railings to the plywood only, but to the real wood framing behind. You might get away installing the rails to the plywood only, but for sure, if the railings are high traffic, they will fail. If the building inspector catches that, you will fail inspection.

But not all the time, sometimes you could leave, in good conscience, the rail with a weak joint (not lose) on the top, if you there is a post near to the wall and its four floor anchors are well attached. Actually a good post attachment would waive the necessity of an upper anchor, your railing could be left free standing, and still pass the load test.

As an installer you have the right to request that the proper wood backing is installed on the walls. Inside framing, on the other hand, is covered with drywall. A drywall anchor will not take the load, even less than the OSB. So, don’t install your railings on drywall.

However there is two exceptions to this rule: the first is the one we already mentioned, and the second is that if the railing is a wall mounted railing only, and let say you have 4 brackets, and one is on drywall, it is going to be probably ok if the bracket is not at one of the ends.

Concrete walls and floors
The recommended anchor for this cases is always a sleeve anchor, 3/8 x 1 7/8. Some times it may require a 3/8 x 1 ½, or even more it is a long standalone railing. Tap cons are also ok in short runs. When there is greater danger and appearance is secondary, the best way to go is to core drill the concrete and then embed the legs with hydraulic cement. Of course if you could have the railings ready before you cast the concrete and cast them along, that would be the ideal situation.

Railings joinery
Sometimes the railings need to be split and then joined at installation. The best joint is the welded one. You bring your welder, grind the spot, welded up and then touch up paint. However, if you paid for an expensive powder coating finish, you don’t really want to weld on it, unless it is completely necessary. Bolting is a second option, which requires a nut on the other side. It is good but too conspicuous. Specially if one does not grind off the excess tread and leaves the bolts un painted. If this is your case make sure the nut is tight enough and then seal it around with clear silicone to avoid moisture penetration. Self tapping screws with a neoprene washer is the best option. Screws are not so visible and provide a very strong joint, which is also waterproof. Way to go!

When installing the self tapping screws go slow with the drill, making sure it is NOT in hammer mode. If you go too fast it might kick you back and cause an injury. So be careful. Remember that at slow speed the drill has more torque, so you are not doing much more by speeding up too much. One thing to remember is that it is better if you clamp the two pieces together before drilling, and that this is the last step. Make sure everything is lined up and attached, and then install the joint screws.

Here the problem is that ceramic tile or slate break easily, especially if there is a hollow spot. First of all, make sure you tell the owner of the house or your wife that this might happen, it will keep you out of trouble. Then, always try with a thin ¼ inch bit and then go with the 3/8 or ½ inch one, and make sure you use long enough screws to reach the wood or the concrete underneath.

Sometimes there are worries about damaging the waterproofing of the deck, if that is the case and face mounting is not possible, for short spans, when there is a solid attachment of the top railing, it is possible to glue down the intermediate legs and even the posts. Use 1099 glue by 3M, which is much better than regular contact cement.

If for any reason you decide to face mount your railings, just remember that there is a lot of momentum on this type of mount, therefore the minimum spacing between bolts vertically should be 3 inches. Both screws need to be strongly attached, with a minimum of 2 ½ inches of real wood penetration, therefore there should be 2 boards on the mounting face. Therefore use 3/8 by 3 wood lags. If you don’t have 2 boards, you need to have 4 screws per leg. The best way and safer way, would be pass through bolts with washers, if you have access to the back of the face. Use 3/8 of an inch bolts.

If you are face mounting on concrete you need a 3 bolts with a separation of 3 inches in between, and you need to use 3/8 x 3 sleeve anchors. If the slab is not thick enough, then don’t face mount, unless you are allowed to have kickers every 6 ft minimum. I think I have covered all the possible scenarios; so, the only thing left is to say: Happy railings installation!

Pedro L Sanchez - (owner)
Decorative Iron of NC INc.


Decorative Iron U-Install Deal for wrought iron products. Nationwide Shipping!

Decorative iron; www.deciron.com is launching U-Install deals in their website for wrought iron balconies, wrought iron railings, spiral stair cases and more.

Save on the cost of estimating, and installing. Lowest prices in the market, plus no tax. Check us out at http://deciron.com for our great deals or just give us a call, we are here to answer any questions Decorative Iron is announcing U-INSTALL PRICE! wrought iron prices like you've never seen before. Buy 50-70% less than regular. All types of designs, and we do custom made work as well as standard products. When you install you save.

The installation process of your iron railings is very simple and Deciron can assist you with any questions anytime, regardless of the size of your project. Shipping is handled on a very professional manner; most shipments are wood crated and ship fully insured via FEDEX freights.

Decorative Iron NC recognized that there is a need for a railings service nationwide. They have an engineering department that along with sales, will work with you to make it possible and affordable to get hi quality wrought iron railings at a lower price. You pay only for the materials and shop labor, and save on the installation and marketing. Moreover sales tax does not apply, if you live outside the state of North Carolina.

Shipping is very affordable, for Decorative Iron just transfers its 78% discount on shipping, to the customer. Decorative Iron, will absorb all the shipping cost and the crating costs. Collection costs are waived as well, for you pay for your railings securely with a credit card or check over the phone. This eliminates all collection costs that all companies have. Not Decorative Iron NC, for your railing has to completely paid off, before they are shipped out.

Decorative Iron NC is a family business, based in Charlotte North Carolina.
When you call, you are dealing with one of the owners. If you research this company, you will find no online complaints or bad comments from anyone, whatsoever. They have been in business since 2000 AD and have dealt with their online program for 3 years now. They are rated A+ with the BBB, which means more than 8 years in business, with no complaints.
So, take note of the savings:
- No salesman salary and commissions
- No expensive installation labor.
- No sales tax
- No wasted time on calls and looking for pricing.
- No collection costs
In some states all this accounts roughly 50% in total savings, by dealing with Decorative Iron NC on the internet for your railings purchase.
On a hurry, for only 5% extra charge, you can expedite your order and get it done and shipped out within 7 business days. So call now if you need railings, balconies, gates, metal stairs or spiral staircases for your home. The number to call is 1877-803-2282, or check their website www.deciron.com, and see the huge amount of wrought iron work Decorative Iron has already accomplished nationwide.

Architects and Builder discounts available!

Decorative Iron NEW line of Wrought Iron

Pre-fabricated and custon Wrought Iron balconies for your home. Decorative iron sells balconies for your home. Decorative Iron sells balcoines nation-wide offering FREE shipping for the balconies anyware in the USA. Check out the new line.

July 1, 2011 - Decorative Iron of NC is introducing their NEW Wrought Iron balcony line of products. These are strong, durable and gorgeous balconies made specially for home owners and builders. These make a great addition to your home, apartment or condo, giving it an expensive look for much less than you think. www.deciron.com shows you the different balcony designs.

If you are looking for a custom balcony or an already made design www.deciron.com has it for you. All our balconies come powder coated black, ensuring the life of the balconies. They are also shipped with all the hardware and we have videos and instructions on how to install, it is very easy! and it saves you a lot of money.

How it works?
Go toThere you see all the different designs of balconies that
you can choose from. Click on the picture and you will see specs. Deciron knows every state's standards in the wrought Iron market and will always give you a balconies up to code depending on your state. You can order it online, order it by email, or give us a call. Our toll free number 1-877-803-2282.

We work with architects and project managers from all over the USA. If you are an architect, builder, interior designer, or home owner we have PDF Cad drawings, and specs for you. Send us an email, let us know what drawings we can send you for your next project; weather it is for balconies, railings, window boxes, etc.


Spiral Stair Cases

May 9th, 2011

New Spiral Stair Cases (We Ship Nationwide!!!)
New Line of Wrough Iron Spiral Stair Cases (Shipping Nationwide)

5/09/2011 - Spiral Stair Cases

We are - Decorative Iron of NC Inc - a manufacturing Wrought Iron company based in Charlotte NC.

Here at Deciron we make Spiral Stair Cases. We manufacture them at our shop in Charlotte NC and ship them NATIONWIDE and LOCALLY.

The URL for the products and pictures: http://deciron.com

At this website you see our many custom design spiral stair cases. We can accommodate everyone's taste and design requests.

We put much pride into these designs. They are sturdy and beautiful at the same time, which is the perfect combination when getting your own spiral stair case. These Wrought Iron spiral stair cases come in custom design as well as standard ones.

There are many examples at our website at www.deciron.com

The Spiral Stairs give such elegance to the inside or outside of any home. It can be installed in less that two hours.

We get calls from contractors, decorators, home renovators and more companies to fabricate these for their clients. They are usually building the house or giving it an update. Even home owners call us and order their stair cases and just hire a man to install.

We have many custom colors available; white is a very common custom color. It gives the railing a more pure look, for people with decorative ideas for their back yard. We can spice up your spiral stair cases and give your house a new look.

We do NOT sell spiral stair cases Kits, because they are so flimsy and unreliable. To make your home have a greater unique look, either inside or out, our spiral stair cases are the best.

To get a quote on a spiral stair cases, you can just contact us by email or phone.


email: deciron@deciron.com

phone: toll free 1-877-803-2282

Main Line: 704-921-0018

Sales Line: 704-921-7575