DecIron Report: 8ft Iron Knuckle with removable grated platform

Jul 30th 2017

DecIron Report #1



Mr. Jim Clarke approached us looking for a special balcony with grating and an emergency ladder.

The idea is that, although the balcony is made of iron as usual, the grating is to be made in aluminum and on one of the sides, it is going to be hinged up, and a ladder will pass through the floor 1 foot.

In case of fire people could easily go outside the French door, lift up the hinged grate and come down the ladder to safety.

We are in the drafting stages and I attach the preliminary design that has been send for Mr. Clarke’s approval.

As can see the balcony has 3 brackets 18 x48 with a decorative S Scroll.

The posts are going to be knuckle posts, as shown in the side view sketch.

The design we are using is the design for the larger grated balconies called Samson Balconies as per the video attached.

This blog posts has the intention of letting the reader know that DecIron LLC can produce any custom balcony. The fact that we have stock production models has not make us lack of enthusiasm for new challenges.

Stay tuned, for we expect to post pictures once the balcony has been produced. In the meantime take a pick to our video of the Samson balconies.