Breathtaking Balcony Design: 7 Inspirational Ideas

Breathtaking Balcony Design: 7 Inspirational Ideas

Oct 20th 2017

Breathtaking Balcony Design: 7 Inspirational Ideas

A balcony can easily be transformed into a sanctuary or escape from every day life. Check out these awesome balcony design ideas to find out how.

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Are you dreaming of being outstretched, lounging on a big balcony? But, you're finding yourself with a problem?

Your balcony is teeny-weeny. Truth is, you're having trouble fitting even yourself and a chair out there.

Don't worry, I'm here to show you how to transform your tiny space into one that feels big and comfortable.

First things first, we're going to discuss the basics of balcony design.

7 Inspirational Ideas of Balcony Design

You can make your small space livable and classy!

If you're anything like me, you want to spend time outside, enjoying your view and breathing in the fresh air. Unless you live in a place like New York City, then you probably are more keen to people watching from your balcony.

1. Create a design board

Creating a vision board for your balcony design can help in your productivity when it comes to actually choosing your furniture and decor. When you start to compile it together, search for decor and arrangement from other balconies.

You can simply create a word document and drag the photos you love into it or use a tool like Pinterest to save them all in one spot.

It's important to have a vision before moving forward with buying anything. Seeing other's ideas and arrangements will allow you to have a more concrete idea of what would work for your balcony space.

2. Choosing the right furniture

Picking out pieces of furniture that fit your space is very important. You want to have the ability to take it easy and not have a large couch that is restricting your movement.

Along with choosing the right furniture comes choosing the right flooring. Is your floor see through? Is it solid? You can completely change the look by simply changing the flooring.

You could also add a gate to your balcony to add some style. Even if it doesn't open, it gives you a unique edge.

3. Keep it open, airy and breathable

Making sure you are maximizing the space but not overcrowding it, is a key element of designing your balcony. Minimizing the amount of junk or trinkets you place in this area will help keep it looking clean.

If you need a little extra storage, buy an ottoman or an end table that works as storage.

4. Adding a floor rug

Adding a floor rug is positive in a few different ways. If you have a see-through floor, it covers your floor space. This way, it keeps your neighbors from peering up at you, wondering what you're doing.

A high-quality outdoor rug can bring a warmth to your nook. Finding a rug with patterns or interesting, colorful designs can help to make your balcony design cozy and inviting.

5. Keeping it clean from rain

An important note to mention, if you set your balcony up with nice furniture, an outdoor rug, and other decors - you want to be sure it is kept safe from any rain or inclement weather.

6. Find yourself in the details

Put your personality into the balcony design using the details of your decor.

Hanging lights to create a cozy ambiance when it gets dark is one way. Perhaps you'd like to paint a fun design on the floor.

Maybe you'd like to spice up the railing or buy fun pillows for your chairs or couch. Finding decor that showcases your style and highlights your chosen mood will create an overall cohesive balcony design.

7. Adding Live Plants to Your Balcony Design

It doesn't matter what region you are in - bringing some greenery into your design gives it a sense of life. It's aesthetically pleasing and provides a way to feel one with nature.

It's important when choosing what plants you may want to consider the region you live in. Different types of plants will not be able to be sustained outside.

Is your balcony in sun or shade? Does it get sun half of the day?

These factors matter when considering which plants to choose. If they are required to have full sun and your balcony only gets a tiny bit of sun, they may not be the best choice.

Your Plants Need Water

Plants need water to live - how are you going to get it to them? A lot of people think about watering cans, but if you live on the 30th story, they tend to forget about the people beneath them.

Fast forward to the knock on your front door from an angry, wet neighbor.

Look into getting plants that require less water, or you have a plate or a box you can store them in.

Fragrant Plants

Do you live right above a sewer? Or a dumpster?

Buying plants that are fragrant and setting up their home on your balcony may serve you well. Fragrant plants may also draw in birds if you're keen to bird watching.

Some suggestions would be herbs, such as rosemary, lavender, sage or basil. Not an herb person? Try Christmas box or nicotiana sylvestris.

Things to Avoid in Good Balcony Design

  • Don't let your balcony become your storage room or let dirt or leaves pile up.
  • Don't forget about it. Show your balcony some love by utilizing the space you have and turning it into your own.
  • Don't mix many different styles together. The space is too small and it may make it feel overwhelming for guests.

Are you ready to go enjoy your brand new balcony?

Now that you have the knowledge of how to make your balcony a beautiful extension of your home, it's time to go do it!

Here's a quick recap:

1. Stick to the basics.
2. Create your balcony design vision board.
3. Use details in your design to get creative.
4. Patterns, paints or iron railings give you a design boost.
5. Plants are important for aesthetic, but remember to choose wisely.
6. Furniture should be measured prior to purchasing.

For inspirational balcony design ideas, or if you're looking for ways to spruce up your balcony, check out our online store and our blog.