A look back at 2019 with The Balcony Company | Dec-Iron Balcony's

Posted by Pedro D. Sanchez on Nov 13th 2019

Here at The Balcony Company, we made it our mission in 2019 to revolutionize the way our products and services are delivered to our valued customers. This year, we brought in or revitalized our methods in product development.


Using Plasma cutting Technology we are now able to produced very shape-specific objects, think of it like a 3d printer but with metal sheets! Plasma cutting will allow us to create new shapes and models for our products. It will open a new avenue of creativity and commerce.

Our new Line of Window Balconies has also been making a splash. Reinvigorate your home with decorative window balconies. They give your home a classic and stylistic touch. 

Above is a picture of our updated Iron Railing Store.

We are committed to ending 2019 with a splash. Thank you for being with us all this year.

Here is a list of some of the stuff we've done this year: 

  • Plasma cutting Technology
  • Refurbished Product Showroom
  • Updated Product Development Cycle
  • Window Balconies
  • Revamped Iron Railings Product Pages
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