What Is a Bolt-On Balcony?

As you’re searching for the perfect railing or stunning balcony addition, you may be asking yourself, “What is a bolt-on balcony? Why is it a better option for my project?” You may also ask, “How do you successfully install a bolt-on balcony system?” Get answers to the questions you’re asking below!

What Is a Bolt-On Balcony System?

A bolt-on balcony is a steel-framed structure that is securely bolted on to the buildings’ exterior. These types of balconies can be self-supporting with an open mesh deck or timber. When you choose a bolt-on balcony option you’re choosing a system that increases yours and your visitors’ safety. This can include friends and family or even firefighters or other important occupants.

Why Is a Bolt-On Balcony a Better Option for Your Project?

Bolt-on balconies can be a better option when you’re working on a new construction or remodeling project. When you’re working with multiple balconies, such as for an apartment building or other similar structure, it’s easy enough to carefully build the balconies on the ground and then safely lift and securely bolt them onto the structure. Because bolt-on balconies can be installed quickly (one can be done about every hour), they can truly be the perfect addition to your multi-balcony projects.

How Do You Install a Bolt-On Balcony System?

When it comes to installation, it's important to note that the process typically happens quickly. Not only can each balcony be installed within an hour, but the bolts used make it simple to do so. Follow these three steps for a successful installation.

  1. Assembly
    Task members of your crew with the responsibility of easily assembling the parts for your bolt-on balcony system.
  2. Bolting
    Assign members of your crew to specifically work on bolting your bolt-on balcony system.
  3. Caulking
    Lastly, be sure to thoroughly caulk your bolt-on balcony system to ensure its security.

Be sure to follow the provided list of extensive instructions that came with your system’s installation package.

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