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Shown the Ecuadorian Knuckle balcony 80x36 with custom made brackets.
Should you want these type of brackets, send us a request referring to them as the video brackets. Standard brackets are S brackets. Also the platform of these balcony was a special order, for the Ecuadorian balcony takes the scrolls on the balcony rails and not on the platform itself. Should you want your balcony as shown, call us and ask for the video  ecuadorian balcony.
Fo a standard unit:
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DecIron Balconies have been in the market for more than 10 years now. The concept is very simple; you order your balcony online or by calling us directly, and you can instal them very efficiently on your window or french door as easy as 1,2,3. No need to major construction home injuries to extend your floor out. This is a bolt-on system.
They do not require lower brackets to hold the weight, but they include 2 structural decorative S brackets. The reason they do not need lower brackets is because of our proprietary design; which makes the side rails a structural member/bracket on itself. The platform is made of 11 GA material with inside reinforcements to minimize deflection and allow you to instal any type of flooring. The platform also attaches to the house with 1/2x6 wood lag bolts provided, making the balcony invincible, provided your house framing is in good condition.
In total the balcony consists of 7 pieces plus hardware:
1. Structural side rails with long bots welded to the lower 1/2 x 1/12 rail. (2)
2. Front rail that attaches to the side rails with self tapping screws or bolting, depending on the balcony model. (1)
3. Balcony platform that includes attaching holes in the back.
4. Platform under cover: This feature allows us to hide the inners of the platform and makes it possible to fur around the balcony with wood or stucco. (1)
5. Structural decorative Brackets. Used mostly in the event that the wall is suspected not to hold the balcony by means of the structural side rails, or for decorative purposes. (2)
6. Hardware: 1/2 x 6 bolts, #12 self tapping screws.
Installing a DecIron balcony is a task that any skilled handyman with basic power tools and a set scaffolds can fulfill. No welding is necessary.
The first thing to do is to install the platform to the proper elevation.
Once the platform is in place, you want to install the railings on top and secure them together and against the wall.
After that install the cover using self taps provided, and tighten the side rails bolts.
If you are using lower brackets, you can install them after the cover has been secured, for the brackets align with the bolts coming down from the side rails, making all the balcony a one piece assembled unit. 
We have included 3/4" floor allowance to enable you to install any flooring: tile, laminate or hardwood.
The balcony , to allow you to stucco it around or any other finish you might like. Easy to install: It takes 4 men and 6 hours to install. You can customize the width to any size you would like. 
Balcony standard height is 43 inches including the floor allowance.
All baluster are installed to meet the 4 inch rule of the International Building code.
Will pass any load and building code requirement, provided the wall is properly built and engineered.
It is meant to be installed on any standard framing wall properly built.
Permit pdfs are available for for permitting. CAD drawings are available for architects upon request.
Custom modifications are available upon request. Please submit your estimate request to get pricing from us.
Feel free to call me with any other question or to place an order, or, if you prefer 
A conservative number is 130 lb live load (people) per square foot, which is a number three times bigger than the actual weight of people.  This accounts for the bolting provided and its capacity, and the fact that the iron balcony is a solid rigid structure. This values are meant to be used to design your wall.
Based on this our standard balcony capacity is:
67x24 platform: 1452 l.b. live load
80x24 platform: 1734 live load
80x36 platform: 2600 lb. live load
80x48:3467 lb. live load
102x36: 3315 lb. live load
102x48: 4420 lb. live load
This values are meant to be used to design your wall
The actual load your balcony is going to receive is based on occupancy and 200 lb. per person and 100 lb. for a child (0.5 people)
67x24 platform: 2.5 people: 500 l.b
80x24 platform: 3 people: 600 l.b
80x36 platform: 4.5 people: 900 l.b
80x48: 5.5 people: 1100 lb
102x36: 3825 lb. live load5.5 people: 1100 lb
102x48: 8 people: 1600 lb
The bolts on the platform work on shear which is 60 % of the tensile strength of the material. Lag bolts have a tensile strength of 120000 lb per square inch (psi)but for design purposes it is assumed 70000 psi, therefore its shear strength is 42000 lb. a 1/2 inch dia bolt has a section of0.196 square inches. Therefore each bolt is rated on shear 8000 lb.
Therefore it is assumed that the 5 bolts that attach the balcony to the framing have a capacity of 40000 lb on pure shear.
The brackets bolts work on compression and its capacity is independent from the bolt. You could literlly just glue them against the wall and they would work.
The bolts that hold the structural side rails to the structure work on tension; therefore it is very important that they are properly attached. This guys are the real workers, and you need to reach it full pull out capacity. Of course, if the wood is rotten or you have bearly reached it, or you predrilled the hole with the wrong bit, the capacity is greatly reduced.
Each balcony gets 3 bolts on each side, so 6 bolts with a pull out tension capacity of 1,179 each  on suthern pine 3.5 inches x 1 3/4 tripled.
Therefore the total pull out tension would be 6000 lb.
In case you have a brick wall, you need to let  get longer screws at the store to reach the wood efficiently. The minimum penetration is 2.5 inches on wood to reach a reasonable pull out capacity.
Our turn around time is 6 weeks from the order, unless we stock your balcony, then is one week.
DecIron balconies ship fully crated. Therefore, no worries, your balcony will arrive as it left our facilities.
When you fill out the form, then you will give us shipping information to be able to maximize your savings on shipping.
They usually write off with the sales tax if you are out of North Carolina.
We offer a limited life time warranty, that basically says that as long as we are in business, your balcony welds and integrity is covered, and that the finish is covered for one year. A year is enough time to detect any defects on the finish and remediate them. Your balcony finish should really last for a long, long time for we give a double powder coating process, zinc rich primer coat first and then a polyester finish coat.
But you need to keep in mind that there might be deep scratches during installation that need to be addressed, and any signs of rust need to be addressed as they appear. Specially on the very intricate scroll balconies, sometimes the powder may not reach a tight spot; it is your responsibility to take care of them early.
Instructions for maintenance will come along with the balcony.
No, our balconies are not returnable; for we provide all necessary information to assist you with your decision, and we know that we always exceed your expectations. In case the balcony ships the wrong size or with defects, we will replace the balcony as soon as possible.
If for any reason you cannot wait any longer for the replacement, then we will return your money.
Please refer to our return policy page.
More than one? Larger project?
Submit your request for a comprehensive proposal here.
 This is one of our very first balconies with cover. This cover shown was meant to be placed after the brackets, that is why you see the slots. Our current design includes two brackets and the cover does not include slots, but is sandwiched by the platform and lower brackets.
French Riviera Balcony 80 W x 36 deep