Faux balconies Info

Faux Balcony Info

A faux balcony is an iron balcony with a planter base and a guardrail balcony is the one that includes no base and its own function is safety. If your intention is to use your iron balcony as fall protection and decoration, but not to stand on it, then you need a Faux iron balcony or a balcony without a platform. If you do not care for a planters base, all you need is a guardrail balcony.

* Images shown without a planter base are now conisdered guardrail balconies.

Our Models 

Ring Band Faux Balcony

Iron Knuckle Balcony

Cubist Style Balcony

Goose Italian Balcony

Iron Lady Baroque Balcony

Iron Lady Balcony

Light Iron Dove Balcony

Iron Dove Queen Balcony

Ecuadorian Knuckle Balcony

We offer faux balconies with 3 standard planter bases:
1. 12" deep by the selected width
2. 18" deep by the selected width
3. 12" deep curved into 18 inches in the center