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If you have clicked on this link it means you want to start the process of ordering your iron railings.After you have read this, please send your estimate request. or just send us an email at the end of this page. If you want to order standard sections online click here.
Here is what you need to do to custom order your deck railings.
On our website there are some examples of what we can do, with the linear foot pricing. However we can manufacture almost any idea or type of iron railing you may like. So, please find the one or more designs you like, and we will send you an estimate. Just mention the name of the published railing or email us a picture of the railings you like.
2. TAKE PICTURES OF THE SITE We need pictures of the site where the iron railings are going to be installed, because we need to see all visual details to produce an accurate estimate.
3. TAKE ROUGH MEASUREMENTS We do not need precise measurements for estimating. For instance, we need just length and with of a deck from edge to edge. If it is a stair, measure from the edge of the deck to the end of the last tread, and let us know if you would like the end post to be on the last tread or at ground level. We don't do curved stairs.
Do not try to layout the railing for us. Just rough measurements.
4.-SEND FULL NAME AND ADDRESS Please send us your billing address, your shipping address and your phone number order for us to produce an accurate estimate. We do not charge sales tax if you are out of state, however, we do charge for shipping. Use our Estimate Request Form.
5.SEND YOUR SHIPPING INFORMATION We have the greatest shipping discounts possible. Shipping normally writes of with the sales tax. However, since we ship in wooden crates.  We need to know:
- If it is a residential, a commercial address or a job site.
- if the access is difficult for a large truck.
- If you prefer to pick up the crate yourself from the closest FEDEX or CARRIER location. (this option saves the most)
All this is in our easy fillable form called Estimate Request Form.
After we receive all this information, we will send you an estimate within 48 hours the most.
1. Upon approval of your estimate we will ask you for the full payment of the order by credit card. We ask for full payment for 2 reasons: expedites the process and it is the safest way for you to purchase from anyone online; banks will protect you in case the vendor does not deliver. If you send us a check we can take 50% if you wish and 50% before shipping, no problem. If you choose to pay 100% with a check up front we will grant 1.5% of the estimated price.
2. Once the order has been placed and the credit card information collected, we will send you a  receipt of the transaction immediately after the transaction has been approved; and within 24 hours you will receive an invoice showing your balance.
3. Another 48 to 72 hour will pass until you receive your measurements sheet  to be filled out. This is a simple drawing based on your picture with instructions on how and what to measure for us.
4. Once we have received your completed measurements sheet, we will produce a sketch lay out on how your railings are going to be positioned on the site and the materials specifications based on what your estimate says. You need to approve this ASAP.
5. Once we receive the approved layout sketch, we will internally produce fabrication drawings and submit the fabrication order to the plant.
6. In about 2 to 3 more weeks time, the plant will have produced and packed your order, which will be ready for shipping. At this point you will receive the bill of lading, which is the manifest document that includes all your shipping information. Please REVISE ALL DETAILS OF THE BILL OF LADING AND APPROVE.
Once that is done we will issue a pick up order and your crate will be picked up from our facilities.
7. After your order has been picked up, you will receive an email with your tracking number.
The trucker is responsible for unloading your crate if you have paid for a lift-gate. If you chose not to get a lift-gate, that means you either have a forklift or enough people to handle the crate. Another option is that you open the lid and pull out the product in sections. Liftgate service is also available for extra $75 and FEDEX will drop the crate on the floor for you. The carrier will call you to make sure you have the means to unload the cargo, if you did not pay for a lift-gate.
Fortunately we have zero incidents on transit in about three years now. We have perfected the packing to the point that we are 100% sure that your product will arrive intact or with minimal issues.  However, if your crate is damaged, you need to have the driver annotate that as an exception. May be there is damage on the product and needs to be claimed. Normally if there are scratches on your railings, they will not be deep and will only require a touch up paint. That is considered normal; some scratches will happen also during installation. Your railings are prime-red first with zinc powder, in case of scratches you will not see the bare metal, but the grey color of the zinc rich primer. If you believe your railings have been damaged by the carrier, you need to do 2 things.
1.- Refuse the shipment: They will bring it back to us and we will make new rails for you on an expedited manner and will send them to you one more time. 
2. Take pictures of the damages: We will have to place a claim with the carrier, and picture evidence is needed.
3. Accept the shipment and place a claim: If the damage caused by the carrier is fixable by your own efforts, you can place a claim through us and collect any expenses you may incur to remediate the damage. For that it is foremost important that you ask the driver to annotate that you receive the damaged cargo but you will place a claim. Of course pictures are indispensable.
4. If you decide for any reason that you do not want the railings for they have been heavily damaged and do not want to wait for the replacement, you need to file a claim through us and the carrier will send you a refund check. 
Our products are protected by a limited life time warranty document, which says that the finish is covered for one year and the welds for as long as we stay in business. However, you need to register your warranty with us for it to take effect. You need to sign your warranty paper work and send it along with pictures of the installed product. That is the day when your clock starts ticking. If we see any problems with the installation, we will notify you to correct them.