Ready To Ship Prefabricated Balcony Systems (Bolt On Balconies)

Shop our ready-to-ship prefabricated balcony systems and other high-quality iron balcony and railing products. Our stock balconies offer immediate upgrades to your current building’s structure. Add character and charm when you choose a stock balcony option from The Balcony Company. With an extensive background in providing total customer satisfaction, we make it a point to provide quality, safe products you can trust. Our ready-to-ship prefabricated balcony systems are carefully vetted to ensure they meet all your standards. Our experienced team has the know-how to help you complete your next balcony project on time. Shop with us today!

Find here items that are in stock ready for immediate delivery or items that are in semi-stock that ship within 7 business days. If you cannot find what you want here, go to our true balconies store and order a custom size, orr... fill out an Estiate request form and we will get back to you within 72 hours.. Regular turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks.

Our bolt on balcony system makes much more sense when it comes to new construction as well as remodeling projects.
Chances of installation mistakes leading to water intrusion are way less than with the traditional method.
In multi-balcony projects, all that is required is a flat surface. We go and build the balconies on the floor and then lift them with equipment to bolt them onto the structure.
The tradiional system used to add a balcony to a house requires is to remove the floor  and add joists to be able to frame the balcony platform outside... a lot of work and headaches..and a lot of $$$$.
We semi-stock all our balconies and we fully stock some of them.
The subcategories are 
Also called stand on balconies. You can select the size balcony anywhere from 46" wide throug 154 inches in width; and 24", 36" and 48" in depth.
Heitght options are 36" for residential and 42" for commercial or California code. 
These are balconies that are meant only for planters, but not to stand outside. The platform is 12 inches deep with a curved option that gives you 18: in the center. Height selection is 36" and 42" as well.
These are balconies that bolt on to the house, but stick out only 3" and are attached with brackets on every corner. No base is provided.
We ship FedEX Freight
Wrought iron, which is the traditional word for heavy duty mild steel. (A3-6)
All our balconies come double powder coated.