Faux iron balconies

Faux iron balconies

Posted by Priscila Medina on Jul 20th 2017


Iron balcony without platform or with a planter base.

Faux balconies give the appearance of being a balcony without functioning as a balcony.

These balconies are purely decorative and are commonly found on windows as decorative railings.

If your intention is to use your iron balcony as fall protection and decoration, but not to stand on it, then...You need a faux iron balcony or a balcony without a platform.

Besides the protection a faux balcony provides, I think it makes for a nice way to have a lot of air flow into your home, and gives a security if you have kids or pets that might walk over to a window and fall out.

At Deciron LLC of NC  Faux balconies are made of Wrought iron only and have a life time warranty.

We offer them in two standard presentations, without base, and 3 inches stand off the wall, With planter base: 6 inches stand off the wall.

Some Features include straight pickets and knuckles, water proof- powder coating.

Faux balconies do not include brackets. However we can customize your balcony any way you want. Just like we can customize any Wrought Iron product.

Our American made, hand welded wrought iron balconies will create an elegant look that will compliment any setting you establish in your home. Enjoy the beauty of our balconies. They will be an attribute to your home.

We currently have more than 30 designs in our online store (www.deciron.com), but if you have any ideas you are more than welcome to send it to us.

Some good ideas as how faux balconies would go great are, setting up a small table near your window as if you were eating at a restaurant, also some nice small flower pots.

We ship From Florida to Alaska In fact we ship Nationwide.

On our website we have easy order page with a step by step guide on the process of ordering.

We pride ourselves in using the best quality wrought iron and hope that you are satisfy with your orders.

Contact us with any questions and Free Online Estimate.