Positive news

Not everything is business.

We need to recognize that we all live in the same house, the planet earth.

All of us are one family that comes from one man and one woman, created by the One True God.

We are all brothers and sisters, and for that reason, we need to care for each other, our children, and future generations. 

Therefore, it is vital to raise awareness of what is happening on our planet daily.

Nevertheless, enough of bad news, we will share here and on our social media only what is positive, to encourage others to do the same and more.

How people are saving the planet and others right now, and how more and more people are fighting the fight.

We need to realize that everyday actions have a significant impact on the environment and, therefore, our lives and the lives of future generations, but more importantly, we need to inform others and ourselves on how every one of us can help.

That is why this company is willing to play an active role, not only in creating wealth for all of us, employees and owners, through this business, but also by contributing to the worldwide effort to make our present and future better.


Pedro L. Sanchez

Owner of The Balcony Company Inc.