Goose Style belly railings

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 Goose Style belly railings
 Base price $89/ L.F. 
Our online purchase system works only for deck railings: flat straight surface only.
For curved railings, ramp railings or stairway railings please fill out an estimate request form; including the dimensions of your stair or curved railing
following the measurements guidelines shown on this video. 

You can buy your railings entering the foot dimension one section at the time
and add one or 2 posts, center legs and wall brackets as you wish. Refer to
the schematic on the pictures below the main picture.
You can also add inches, so please round your exact dimension to the
nearest inch. The brackets are adjustable. You can also get an approval
drawing and there is a button for that as well.
1. Measure the exact distance from wall to wall or from post to post, for the
railing section. I. E. 5’-7 ½ “
2. Enter the number of feet. I.E. 5 fewt.
3. Now enter the number of round-down inches. I.E. 7 inches. Disregard
the fraction.
4. Enter the number of posts (1 or 2) to be added to the section. Each post
will be installed leaving 3 ½ inches of tolerance to the wall or post. (“add
post” button)
5. Enter the number of brackets needed to attach the railing section to a
wall or an existing post. You need two brackets in one side if you skip
one post or one bracket per post. (“add wall bracket” button)
6. If your span is greater than 6 feet it is advisable to add a mid section leg
from the lower rail to the floor. (“add midsection leg”)
7. If you need formal approvals for a project, we can send detailed
drawings. If that is the case choose the “add shop drawings button.”
8. Once you have completed the description of the railing section and you
are happy with the price shown above, hit add to cart.
9. If you need more than one section, hit “continue shopping” and enter the
description of the next section you may need. Repeat until you have all
the sections you are needing.
10. Go to “check out” and leave any comments you want.
11. Once you have completed your order you may send us an email
with pictures of your deck.
12. Stair sections and curved sections are considered custom, in that
case complete this form and submit pictures and dimensions.
 IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to send us detailed pictures of the
railings to register your limited lifetime warranty. We need to see that the
railings have been properly installed.