Goose Style belly railings

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 Goose Style belly railings
 Base price $89/ L.F. 
You save 10 percent savings compare to calling to order.
Our online purchase system works only for deck railings: flat straight surface only.
For curved railings, ramp railings or stairway railings please fill out an estimate request form; including the dimensions of your stair or curved railing
following the measurements guidelines shown on this video. 
HOW TO PURCHASE ONLINE (see it in video form)
The system is based on foot price but works section by section; please do not try to enter multiple sections at one time.
For multiple sections you are going to have to upload the shopping cart and hit continue shopping;
and repeat the process for as many sections you want to purchase. Once you are done, go to check out and finish your purchase.
1. Enter the number of feet for each section, not including the posts.
2. Using the "add post" button enter the 1 or 2 posts for the section you are buying.
3.- If your railing section does not need any post, simply do not enter any posts.
4. If the railings section is going to mount to the wall or a wood post, hit the "add wall bracket" add on button.
One for one side and 2 for both sides. 
 5. Use the add on button to ad fractional feet in inches, rounding them down.
I.E. : 3' - 2  1/2", enter 2 ft and add on 2".
6. If you need shop drawings to release the fabrication please hit the "add shop drawings" button. 
 IMPORTANT NOTE: The anchoring is adjustable, therefore it is not necessary to enter fractional inches. (i.e 1/8; 1/4.)
PICTURE # 11 shows the Goose Bellied Picket Railing, that matches the Goose Balcony.
Picket: Hammered flat bar (1/4" x 1") pickets formed in the shape of a goose neck and belly;
Top rail: 1 x 2 x 14 GA steel tube.
Bottom railing: 3/8 x 2 flat bar.  
Wall brackets: Adjustable sleeve brackets.
Mid section leg: 2 x 2 tube with a 1 bolt bracket to connect the lower rail to the floor.
For an estimate please fill out THIS FORM including your shipping address, phone number, pictures or plans