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Buying your true balcony

Find here a summary of what you are going to need to get one of our Dec-Iron balconies installed on your home:

  1. Finding the right contractor: Our balconies do not require welding or special skills to get them installed. However, the contractor needs to be experienced in framing walls and sealing the house from the outside. Your contractor follows the written and video instructions we provide. Our balconies are a proven system installed thousands of times throughout the nation; the critical issues are constructing the wall and the proper installation.
  2. Getting a permit: You can download our permit engineering data file by following this link. Many times this document is enough for your city to issue a permit in your favor. However, some cities will require that a local engineer signs it off. 
  3. Selecting your balcony: Decide first the size balcony you are going to need. For that, you need to know the french door size. That will give you the minimum required balcony width. You could buy a wider balcony but not a smaller one. Find out the local code requirements to find the rail height that you need. Commercial height is 42 inches minimum, and residential height is 36 inches minimum. However, the State of California requires 42 inches in both cases. The balcony depth depends on the use you want to give to the balcony; 36" and 48" deep are the most comfortable depths since it allows a dinette and two people comfortably. We also provide the 24" deep option that will enable you to stand on it. Up to 94" in with our balconies do not need lower brackets since they hang from the side rails. However, some cities may require them, and therefore we provide them—the same with diagonal tensioners. Make these choices on our True Balconies Smart Selector.
  4. Ordering your balcony: After making your choices on the True Balcony Smart Selector, hit the add to cart button and finalize the check-out process. You can also fill out an estimate request form and get an estimate from us via email. If you like what you see, there is a payment option. You may also call and ask any further questions and pay over the phone.
  5. Status updates: The Balcony Company will send you periodic status updates up until shipping. 
  6. Shipping process: Our preferred shipping provider is FedEx Freight. However, for larger orders, we send our driver or a common flatbed carrier. In any case, we provide the proper insurance all the time. If the crate or carton seems damaged, you may refuse the product, and we will replace it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the default shipping charges do not include additional services such as liftgate or inside delivery. You may add such services by calling us ahead of time.
  7. Installation of your True Balcony: Please watch the installation video. After you have done so, follow its instructions one by one. If you need further assistance call us.
  8. Register your warranty: Your warranty starts at the moment of purchase and expires in one year. That is for the finish; we warrant the fabrication for life. However, it is good for you to register your warranty with us by simply sending us pictures of the installed balcony; this will make your warranty start when you do that. Please send us an email and, along with the photos, say that you want to register the warranty with us. We will send you a coupon code and a thank you gift for the lovely pictures.
  9. Please give us feedback: After the process is complete, we will send you a google link to write a review of your experience with us.

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