How to Design and Install a Flower Box for Your New Balcony

How to Design and Install a Flower Box for Your New Balcony

Dec 8th 2017

Design and Install a Flower Box for Your New Balcony

If you've just installed a beautiful balcony on your home, why not decorate with a gorgeous flower box? Here are our best design and installation tips.

Anyone who has caught sight of a beautiful flower in bloom knows that plants can make a space more inviting. But did you know that having plants is scientifically proven to bring a variety of health benefits as well?

According to research, having plants can lower blood pressure, improve well-being, and lower levels of anxiety. So making the decision to install a flower box on your new balcony will bring both beauty and better health.

Even the most breathtaking balcony design can be improved with flowers. Plus, adding a flower box is much easier than many homeowners think.

Follow these simple guidelines and you will have great plants and flowers on your new balcony:

1. Choose Your Flower Box Placement

A new balcony offers the benefits of much more space to include in your home design plans. With window boxes for flowers, you can create a garden experience on your balcony.

Window boxes combined with railing boxes give homeowners and gardeners more space for planting and more options for plants. You can use a variety of flowers, vegetables, and greens.

Box placement should be determined by the architecture of your home, your balcony, and your intended planting needs. Home designers need to consult their green thumb when choosing box placement.

Where will there be direct sunlight? Will you choose hanging plants to create an intimate effect?

Before choosing box placement, consider the type of plants, the path of the sun, and the overall feel you want to achieve.

2. Start Small

One of the worst mistakes new gardeners can make is getting overwhelmed early on. Purchasing boxes, plants, soil, and nutrients will be frustrating without a rewarding outdoor space.

With flower box designs it is better to start small. Unless you are an accomplished gardener you should experiment with hearty plants, vegetables, and flowers first.

Starting small will make it easier to maintain your balcony garden as well. This way you can experiment with placement and plant types.

3. Consider Plant Types

The problem with investing in a garden is it can be heartbreaking if your plants wither and die. With the right choices and expert advice, you can avoid plant tragedies.

Picking out different plants and flowers is one of the most fun aspects of owning and cultivating a balcony garden. The types of plants that may thrive in your area depend on the region, season, and sunlight.

Talking to your local garden store will help you decide what plants are best for you.

4. Bring Your Appetite

While there are many plants that can be demanding, there are also flowers and plants that are easy for homeowners to raise. With a little bit of attention, water, and the proper placement, the right plants will thrive.

One great flower box design idea is to sprinkle in an herb garden with your balcony garden design. Plants like rosemary, basil, and dill aren't just easy to grow.

They also can transform your kitchen into a foodie's paradise. Any fine dining aficionado will tell you how fresh basil can transform a recipe from ordinary to extraordinary.

Make sure to consult your appetite when you design your window boxes and balcony garden. You might just make your Instagram news feed of new recipes as gorgeous as your home.

5. Consider the Environment

As you consider plants, box placement, and garden design it's best to check in with the environment too. Unfortunately, many homeowners think their decision to add outdoor plants to a balcony space is automatically great for the environment.

The truth is that some plants are more demanding in terms of resources. The water and care required can be anything but great for the environment.

Going green also includes the use of environmentally friendly materials for your flower box design.

The traditional pots and containers plants are shown in are often a drain on the environment. Why not opt for biodegradable pots for your balcony space?

Using biodegradable pots saves an estimated 100 million plastic pots from being tossed in landfills. Choose carefully when buying plants and selecting pots for the boxes on your balcony.

6. Safety First

Installing window boxes, railing boxes, and other balcony garden designs require an eye for safety. Homeowners are wise to use the same care and planning as they would when installing a window air conditioning unit.

The last thing you want is for someone to get injured when you install your balcony garden. One mistake homeowners tend to make is forgetting about the water weight.

It is one thing to install dry plants and place them in boxes on your balcony. But these plants and pots will be much heavier when you water them.

Beyond the possible injury for people below, you can do significant damage to your home and new garden.

Using anchors to secure boxes to railings where need be is essential. When selecting the materials to hold your plants, safety should come first.

By installing secure boxes for your plants you can rest assured the investments will be secure.

7. A Variety of Materials and Color

After you pay close attention to safety you can move on to larger design questions. Each homeowner can marry their flower box materials to the overall architecture of their home and balcony.

Choosing basket or weave designs for boxes brings a more rustic look. Playing with vibrant colors can cast the greens of your garden against a bright backdrop.

You also may want to opt for subtler tones and materials. Traditional wood or bare white boxes highlight the plants themselves.

Enjoy the Curb Appeal with Confidence

With the real estate market at the highest levels in a decade, there's never been a better time for homeowners to invest in home improvement. Matching a gorgeous balcony garden to your new balcony is the perfect way to enjoy your space.

You'll be adding livable space and improving curb appeal. Plus, all the moments you get to spend outdoors will be that much richer.

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